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Request for Poster Presentation Abstracts with Oral Presentation

on Recent and Current Research Relative to Muslims with Human Service and Social Science Implications


Application Process

ISSA invites students, recent graduates, professors, and professionals in various fields of human services to participate in the 2010 ISSA Conference by giving a poster presentation and brief oral presentation on their research related to Muslims.   Abstracts due by April 1, 2010

Poster Presentation:

Poster presentations will provide an informal venue for the display and discussion on recent or current research relative to Muslims with human service and social science implications.  Posters will be on display throughout the conference and specific time will be allotted for conference attendees to view them and engage presenters in discussion regarding their research.


1.  All poster content must be typed

2.  A minimum font size of 18 for the poster is recommended

3.  Use an eye-catching, colorful background for your poster

4.  Make the poster presentation as attractive as possible

The information presented in the poster presentation includes one or more pages for each of the following sections required in the abstract (see below), staying within a 10-page limit.

Oral Presentation:

Oral presentations will be held during a workshop session on Saturday, June 19th.  Please prepare a 3 to 5 minute presentation on your research.  Focus presentation on the background for your research and discussion of your findings emphasizing its implications for practice relative to Muslims.  Please be prepared to field questions from a multi-discipline audience; therefore remain cognizant of defining industry jargon.  This is an opportunity to obtain feedback on your research from a diverse audience to ascertain the applicability and interest of your research in the community.  Remember, conference attendees will have additional opportunity to engage you in further discussion of your topic during the poster presentations.

Abstracts should include:

-Title, author(s), contact information, and date

-Students must also include the names of their college or university, faculty sponsor or organization.

-500 to 1000 word abstract (12 point font size) that summarizes the following:

  • Background including research question and relevant literature
  • Background-including a statement of the problem/policy
  • Methodology used in conducting research
  • Findings-usually presented in tables and charts
  • Discussion of results and future practice/policy
  • Emphasis is on the implications for practice relative to Muslims
  • References

Abstract Proposal Submission:

-Proposals consist of a 500 to 1000 words abstract as stated per criteria should be submitted on-line at presentations@issausa.org.

-Email submissions preferred

-Deadline to submit abstracts is April 1, 2010



-Presenters must register for the Conference May 31, 2010 (student rates available)


Travel and conference grants are often available to students to support their presentations at professional conferences.  Grants may fund all or a portion of travel expenses to conferences. Some grant funds may be dispersed in advance of the conference or as a reimbursement.  Check with your university, department, or student government for funding resources and criteria.

For additional information regarding submission or the conference please contact conference@issausa.org or call Dr. Cheryl El-Amin at (313) 729-5455.









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